Terms of Service/Acceptable Usage Policy

These terms of service are an agreement between the user (“user”, “you”, “your”, etc) and GARDENCLOUD (“we”, “us”, “our”, etc). Please ensure that you accept and understand these before using any of our services. We also ask that you view the privacy policy.

Acceptable use:

Resource Abuse:

The abuse of shared server resources is strictly prohibited. For these purposes, abuse will be defined as something that consumes more than a “fair-share” of resources and negatively impacts the overall system performance.

While some spikes in usage are to be accepted, frequent spikes in usage may result in contact from support and possibly suspension of service in cases where the customer fails to respond.

The following are some examples of resource abuse in shared environments, such as VPS and shared hosting:


Illegal Usage:

Other Prohibited Uses:

Terms of Service:

Support policies:

Service policies:


Registration and User info:


Disclaimer: This terms of service is subject to change. Please check back on a regular basis to ensure that you are up to date on the terms of service. The date of last edit is: 15 March 2023.